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Catwalk Club was founded with an important vision: to empower women from all backgrounds and make them feel confident every day, whilst supporting a sustainable and affordable sharing-economy. Shop smarter, waste less and rent more.

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Welcome to Catwalk Club, the UK’s leading luxury handbag rental platform. We believe that rentals are the future of the fashion industry, because styling the latest fashion trends shouldn’t cost the planet.

Established in 2019, Catwalk Club offer you the opportunity to affordably hire and style handbags from the most prestigious luxury brands. From Chanel, Dior, Saint Laurent, Prada and many more, there’s a style for every occasion.

Catwalk Club offers access to the world’s most-desired handbags at a fraction of the price, to ensure that you get the luxury-look you desire each season. After all, handbags speak louder than words.

Sustainable consumption is at the core of our business model, as we strive to help transform our customers into a conscious-consumer. At Catwalk Club you are able to meet all your fashion needs, whilst contributing to a sustainable and affordable sharing economy.

Not only are we striving to create a more sustainable luxury market, but we also want to ensure all our customers’ needs and luxury desires are being continually met. We offer free delivery and returns, as well as taking onboard any feedback about which handbags you would love to see in the Catwalk Club Collection.

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